The Dear Little Shamrock


“The dear little Shamrock,

The sweet little Shamrock,

The dear, little, sweet little Shamrock of Ireland”

That was the chorus when we all joined in…

Oh those days, when Charlie was around to hold his family together…

Hope he knows that as a family we are still doing just that! –  Charles Henry Finlay *, I’m going home.

And with me, I am bringing a very special person, the man I love unconditionally, who, if I could, I would wrap in cotton wool and have spirited across the sea, so that he arrives unstressed and safe.

Yes, I’m emotional, it is getting so close that the tears are right there.  I’m organised, it’s all the others…

It starts with stupid web sites that tell you, “We have made it so easy to manage your account!!” an hour later I am screaming, ” Let me talk to a human please!!”  All I want is to have a waste bin collected, ” But they don’t have that option, I don’t think….” says the human after waiting 15 minutes with music playing and a man telling me every minute, we have made it so easy to manage your account on line, please go to www. bla bla.., then back to music!

After we have lost the temper…. calm returns and the stupid bin is outside.

Yes and that is only one… The best is trying to cancel anything of Phil’s….. The mobile phone was a classic! “You do not have permission to cancel this, (even though contract has ended) We will call you back within one working day to the number related to this account and wish to speak to the account holder.  You cannot cancel D/D”  What part of…. the phone no longer exists, the D/D has been cancelled and, the account holder cannot speak with you, does she not understand.  I was simply being courteous and letting them know.

I know Charlie and Eleanor didn’t have stresses like this, but I am sure there were many others just as annoying when leaving a country in 1948.  Like an 8 week old baby, who had ruined their emigration plans to begin with by asking to be born!

I wanted in on the fun!

The physical packing is the easy bit, it’s therapeutic after dealing with morons, red tape and data protection!

I know, I know, I said no more letters till I get internet in Ireland; but it has been good today to write stuff down and share and make it sound funny when it isn’t funny at all.

I’ll get back to the list, shall I, phone calls, and people who will send a form to complete that hasn’t arrived and she will ring you back as soon as she is free, type of thing.

Positive news is that we have the keys to the bungalow now and Shani says it’s all looking great!

Watch this space….

* A story about another time, if you would like to click and read the pink link. (in body of letter)


One comment

  1. Maree and John · January 8, 2016

    Good luck Betty and Phil. Glad you can keep your sense of humour when as you say, it really isn’t funny!


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